Our Services

Computer/Server Solutions

Computers and servers are the life blood of any organization. SMG Unlimited understands this and can provide a wide range of solutions to match your business's needs.

Networking Solutions

Whether you have just a couple of computers or multiple sites and locations, SMG Unlimited can help connect everything together.

Email Solutions

Email is one of the most widely used communication types in all of the world. SMG Unlimited can help keep your email infrastructure running at it best and protected from spam and viruses.

Web Design

Websites are one of the most vital necessities for a business to grow. We at SMG Unlimited will help you design your website. We also give you the keys to it so you can add and edit content as you need.

Remote Support

Issues with your computer or network can arise at the most inopportune time. SMG Unlimited offers quick response and remote support to get you back going as soon as possible.

Solid State Hard Drive Conversion

Has your computer become increasingly slower over time? If so, SMG Unlimited can help you re-energize your PC by converting the internal hard drive to a new Solid State Drive (SSD).

New! Bookkeeping & Payroll Processing

Paying your employees can be one of the most complicated and nerve racking tasks as a business owner especially as you make sure you follow tax guidelines and reporting. SMG Unlimited offers simplified payroll processing that is both employer and employee friendly.